Horse Riding Tours

Posing in a Cowboy Hat over the rugged country roads in Himalayas is quite an experience for a life time. Here we have destination where you can let your dream run wild in beautiful landscapes of Himalayas.  Have ever dreamed of riding a Horse till the end of Horizon leaving a trail of dust behind Trying to catch the last ray of sunset….?… May be or may be not but definitely have seen it in a movie some guy in cowboy hat chewing cigar in dusty leather pants and knee length …xxxx.. iron heeled shoes.  If that seems provoking we have something you might be looking for.

We do offer Horse riding tours in Himachal, Jammu Kashmir and Uttrakhand. The tour can be arranged for group of up to 10 members on following locations. Itinerary will be shared in detail after discussion.The Riding Horses can be hired at a cost of Rs.1500/- per day.    You are expected to bring your own riding gearCamping and Escorts are available for long expeditions.


  1. Manali,Solang Nala , Himachal Pradesh.
  2. Shimla, Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh.
  3. Sonamarg,Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir Great Lakes Tour July/August