White Water Rafting

Rafting in Vyas River in Kullu-Manali



River Beas in Vale of Kullu offers an excellent adventure opportunity if water is your element.  It offers rapids of grade 2, grade 3 and grade 3+, according to the prevailing season.  It is a brilliant choice to spend active holidays in the valley. There are a lot operators who offer rafting at varied prices. A lot those you find near Kullu-Manali highway, but the quality of service is not assured and the hefty prices they charge vary person to person. Most of all proper safety measures are not assured. So to book with authorized travel agents remains the best option to indulge in this sort of extreme sports.

It comes in the category of extreme sport so the individual indulging in this activity should be mentally sound and physically fit.

We offer best prices for best services in this field along with complete liaosoning support.

Distance Grade Location Price
1. 7km Easy Bhunter 700/-per person
2. 15km Easy Manali 1000/-per person