About Us

                     We are a group of young professionals in the field of adventure travel based in Bhunter, Kullu, HP. Having in depth knowledge and experience in the field of adventure travel we are committed to make your travel experience unforgettable and honeydew smooth. We provide one stop solution for your travelling needs in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttrakhand. Being native to Himalayas the remotely accessible destinations are always been in our reach. A wide network of operators and experienced personals allows us to keep the travel itineraries flexible and at the same time best priced among its categories.

Our team consist of a vast network following working Professionals in Himalayas :

Mountaineering Guides
Adventure Camp Instructors
Rafting Guides
Trekking Guides
Paragliding Guides
Horse riding Guides
Tour Escorts
Sightseeing Tour Guide
Motor biking Tour Guide
Mountain biking Tour Guide
Nature Guides
Camp Cook
Camp Support Staff

Our Vision

                “The best way to conserve nature is to enjoy it”

Well said that, “Life is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.” Zigzag Travel is launched with a vision to be one of the best Travel Organizer in the North Western Himalayas and promote travelling to Mountains an easy and safe activity as it actually is if you don’t lose you bits. We are committed to serve our clients with utmost sincerity and be a guide where ever required for their hassle free experiences and build a relation lifelong. Our moto is to develop Zigzag Travel as one of the most trusted brand of Travel arena in the country and worldwide.

Our Travel Packages are specifically designed for the travelers who are willing to do it in a manner less ordinary. Travelers can point distinction of from the regular Travel Packages which are flocking the market like anything. We are equally efficient in running of Travel Programs in well-connected regions as well as in Remote Locations in Himalayas. Though our Travel Packages are tailored to derive the max out of your Travel time, we are flexible enough to understand your Travel conveniences.

It is our hard lined policy to keep the transparency about the cost and services provided. No hidden costs are imposed unless clearly notified in the Travel Package. We do comfort our loyal customers with considerable discounts.

As many of our Travel Packages are carried out in Protected Areas, Ecologically fragile geographies, we do admit our responsibility to carry out our Travel Programs sustainably. We are committed to inform our travelers about the do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind well before the start. During our Treks and Adventure programs we strictly obey “leave no trace” rule, so the sites we have traveled remains equally welcoming for others to come.

Exploring the unknown and showcasing it to the world will always remain our major concern. Carrying out expeditions to lesser known areas in Himalayas and documenting the collected information is kept in top priority. Searching and developing new sites of Tourism Potential to keep the pressure on the existing sites under control will is one of our top concerns. Being player in Tourism Arena we will actively take part in issues affecting this institution.

Moreover we believe in strengthening the local communities in our area of operation by involving them in Tourism related activities as per their willingness. Imparting the firsthand knowledge of our operations to them so that in future they could be valued as a skilled human resource for Tourism Industry.